Friday, 5 August 2011

Prepping for Christmas

Well it's only 5 months away and I'm on a mission to make all gifts this year be it edible, crocheted or sewn ....

I have a Victoria plum tree fit to bust ... I've posted a Delia recipe for plum ketchup on my other blog ... Pink feather paradise ... I've ordered a preserving pan that will work on my induction hob and bottles and ingredients from the jam jar shop... By the time they arrive the plums should be ready ...

I have 2 apple trees that are crammed full of fruit so something apple based will have to be tracked down too...

As we only have 2 girls laying ( Hettie's been a little under the weather, she did lay an egg yesterday... So hopefully she's on the mend!) but I have accumulated a dozen eggs that I am letting age a little so that I can pickle them...
I have been searching the net for a recipe that looks right and thanks to the accidental smallholder


I have found what I'm looking for ...

It a fab site and this is the recipe that I will kinda follow ! ;D
Looks like I'll be making home made hampers for Christmas present this year ... Plum ketchup, sloe gin, pickled eggs, wholegrain beer mustard and homemade cheesy biscuits ... I think family and friends will appreciate a gift made with love... Xx

Pickled eggs are easy to produce and taste fabulous - a great accompaniment to salads, cold meat, and fish and chips, or slice for a roll or sandwich.


Eggs (not too fresh)
Vinegar (see below for details)
Flaked chillies (optional)

Hard boil the eggs in plenty of water - boil for at least 10 minutes to ensure they are completely set. While the eggs are boiling prepare your jars by washing them in very hot water and rinsing well. Check the rubber seals on the jars for signs of wear - if they aren't in good order get some new ones.
Meanwhile prepare the vinegar - you can use any vinegar but the flavour of your finished eggs will reflect the type of vinegar you use. Standard malt vinegar will be harsher than clear vinegar, while white wine or cider vinegar will give a more rounded flavour. Experiment to find what suits your taste and by all means mix vinegars.

You'll need about 1 litre of vinegar for each dozen eggs. Put it in a saucepan with a sprinkling or peppercorns and chillies if desired, bring to the boil and simmer for a minute or two.
Once the eggs are cooked cover them in cold water and leave to cool. Once cool shell and pack into your jars. Some people like to add whole chillies at this stage - if you prefer a bit of a bite then do likewise.
Sieve the vinegar and pour into the jars covering the eggs completely. Seal the jars well, and store for at least a month before eating. In a cool, dark place they will store well for over 6 months.

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